Submission Guidelines

The Music Boosters website welcomes submissions of events and links that involve the music department or are of interest to that community.

To help get your submissions on the site quickly and as attractively as possible, please take these submission guidelines into account as you prepare your materials.


Please submit any images to be included in a post as a relatively high-resolution JPG or PNG image. Images contained within PDF files are rarely usable without a lot of effort (and you almost certainly already have the image in the preferred format if you’re inserting it into a PDF file…)


Please submit any text in a format that’s easily copy-pastable into a post body (again — avoid sending PDF files for this purpose). A plain-text email is completely fine; there’s no reason to work up a formatted MS Word document, for example.


This is where PDF files make sense. If you’re preparing a form that you expect people to download, print, and fill out, submit to the website as a PDF file if you can. If not, Microsoft Word documents are perfectly fine (and will be converted to PDF before being posted).


Send your submissions to the website to