2017-18 Contacts Would you like to help? Contact:
Concert Admissions Chairperson Lauren Verga laurenverga@verizon.net
Marching Band Chairperson Andrea Cerini andreacerini3@hotmail.com
Chairperson Regina O’Connor roconnor@comcast.net
Membership Chairperson Lauren Verga laurenverga@verizon.net
Website Chairperson Brett Porter spfmba@gmail.com
Annual Music Trip Chairpersons Michael and Maria McKenna mckenna1802@comcast.net
Fundraising Chairperson Lucia Diaz-Romero romedi1@verizon.net
Home Show Chairperson Jami Pawlec tonyjami@verizon.net
Jazz Festivals Coordinator Carol Lisanti carolannlisanti@yahoo.com
Coordinator Lucia Diaz-Romero ROMEDI1@verizon.net
Terrill Middle School Liaison Spring Casterlow scasterlow@yahoo.com
Park Middle School Liaison Maribeth Fisher Maribeth626@comcast.net
Choral Liaison Victoria Fortna spfmusicboosters@gmail.com
Rep Theater Liaison Open
Marching Band Uniforms Coordinator Victoria Fortna spfmusicboosters@gmail.com
Coordinator Jami Pawlec tonyjami@verizon.net
Marching Band Pit Crew Coordinator Eric Fisher eric.fisher@comcast.net
Publicity Coordinator Open
Senior Music Awards Coordinator Yvette Speranza thesperanzas@hotmail.com
Merchandise Coordinator Ken Litwin kenlitwin1@gmail.com
Pasta Night Coordinator Lucia Diaz-Romero romedi1@verizon.net
Lord & Taylor Coordinator OPEN
Buy-a-Note Coordinator OPEN
Used Clothing Drive Coordinator Lorriaine Staniec lstaniec@att.net
Music Trip Fundraising
Grocery Cards Coordinator Abby Wean abbywean@gmail.com
Scrip Coordinator Mark Schuman mschuman18@gmail.com
Magazines (online) Coordinator Lucia Diaz-Romero romedi1@verizon.net
Yankee Candles (online) Coordinator Lucia Diaz-Romero romedi1@verizon.net