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Tuesday April 4th to Saturday April 8th 2017

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Permission to Pick Up Your Student in Orlando

Some parents have plans to travel to Orlando for the music trip and then extend their family’s stay there. The below forms must be completed in order for any such students’ custody to be returned to their family.

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Student Pickup Permission Form


Nurse & Medications FAQ:

Dear Parents,

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding medication usage on an overnight field trip.

Reminder: The Doctor’s orders are due to the nurses no later than February 12th.   The medication is due in by March 13th.

All medication must be sent in the original manufacturer’s packaging or the correctly labeled prescription bottle.  Send only the number of doses needed for the trip.

In addition, students should pack their own sun tan lotion and insect repellent in their checked luggage.   Comfortable walking shoes or sandals (no flip flops), hats and sunglasses are strongly recommended when in the parks.   Please be sure to check the weather ahead of time so your child is prepared for unexpected wet or cool weather.

Q:  Do I need a doctor’s order for my child to take an over the counter medication while on the trip?

A:  Yes.  The NJ Department of Education rules require a doctor’s order for all medications dispensed whether they are prescription or non-prescription (over the counter).  The nurses on the trip must dispense all medication.  No student may be in possession of, or self-administer any medications other than those used to treat a condition requiring the immediate use of epinephrine (Epi Pen), a rescue asthma inhaler  (Albuterol/Proventil/Xopenex/Pro-air), or insulin.

Q: I am not sure if my child will need his/her allergy medication on the trip.

A:  If your child typically suffers from spring allergies, this spring should be no exception.  Please plan ahead and give us the doctor’s order by February 15th Remember that an order is needed from your doctor even if it is an over the counter medication such as Claritin, Zyrtec or other allergy/cold symptom medication.  If you want the medication given only upon request, please indicate that on the doctor’s order form.  As needed seasonal allergy medication will be dispense only at the hotel in the morning and at bedtime.

Q: My child uses a daily medication such as an inhaler, nasal spray, eye drops, or topical acne cream and I only have one package.  What should I do?

A:  In a case when you cannot renew the prescription or the medication cannot be portioned into another container, the student will be asked to bring the medication to school the morning of the trip and to drop it off with the nurses.  We will return it to your child at the end of the trip to take home.

Q:  My daughter takes an oral contraceptive to regulate her menstrual cycle and to treat acne.  Can she hold on to it and take it herself?

A:  No.  The student will bring the medication packet to the nurse’s office a few days before the trip.  We will remove the necessary pills and store them in daily labeled envelopes to be dispensed during the trip.  Your daughter will then bring the packet home.

Q: If my child has an order for an emergency medication such as a rescue inhaler or an epi pen, will the nurse be responsible for carrying the medication?

A:  No.  Every student with a rescue inhaler (ie. albuterol, proair, xopenex) or a Benadryl/ Epi pen order must carry his or her own medication.  We will check in with each of these students before leaving for the airport to make sure they have it.  If not, you will receive a call.  These medications should be packed in the student’s carry on bag for ready access by the student (or a nurse/delegate) in flight, while riding in the bus, performing, or in the parks.   If you want the nurses to have an extra dose, then you will need to give it to us.  If you have already provided an extra dose for the nurse’s office, we will pack it.  If your child cannot swallow tablets, please provide the medication in a dissolvable or chewable form.  Liquid cannot be carried on the plane and is too bulky for us to pack and transport.

Q:  Do I need an order from my doctor for my child to take Tylenol, Advil, Tums or Benadryl?

A:  No.  Permission for the nurses to give these medications while on the trip is addressed on the back of the yellow permission form.  If you checked off “yes”, we will supply and dispense the medication as needed.  Again, if your child cannot swallow pills, you will need to provide us with a dissolvable or chewable form of the medication.  Liquid cannot be carried on the plane and is too bulky for us to pack and transport.

Q:  Can my child self-administer a digestive aid such as Lactaid?

A:  Yes.  However, you must provide a doctor’s order and the medication is given to the nurses to hold.  Each morning we will give your child a day’s supply to carry and use as needed.

Q:  Can my child take his/her vitamins or herbal supplements while on the trip?

A:  No.  We ask the students to take a “vitamin vacation” while on the trip unless there is a compelling medical reason not to do so.  If a vitamin must be taken, a doctor’s order will be needed.

Since this is a school-sponsored trip, all school rules apply.  Any student found in possession of unauthorized medication will be subject to disciplinary action upon return.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the high school:     908-889-8600  ex 3508

Lisa McNally, RN                                            Marcia McCarthy, RN
lmcnally@spfk12.org                                    mmccarthy@spfk12.org