SPFMBA Fleece Pullovers & Blankets


Fleece pullovers and Fleece blankets are now available to order online. SPF Music Boosters do not receive any funds from these purchases; we offer these to the community in case you’re interested in purchasing them. If you’re interested in purchasing items that do benefit the SPFMBA, many of our music events do offer sales of SPF Music T-shirts, car magnets, grocery bags, golf towels, flags, and other items that generate funds for the association.



Events — Week of June 8-13

Wow — it looks like this is the last week of the school year that has music events scheduled? That went fast.

Tuesday, June 9

Coles Spring Concert 7PM at Terrill Middle School. 4th grade band and chorus.

Senior Music Recital 7:30PM at the SPFHS Auditorium

Wednesday, Jun 10

McGinn Spring Concert 7:30PM at Terrill Middle School. 4th grade band and chorus.

The full music boosters calendar is available here.